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Problem 21

Use Definition 2 to find an expression for the ar…

Problem 20

The table shows the number of people per day who died from SARS in Singapore at two-week intervals beginning on March 1, 2003.

(a) By using an argument similar to that in Example 4, estimate the number of people who died of SARS in Singapore between March 1 and May 24, 2003, using both left endpoints and right endpoints.

(b) How would you interpret the number of SARS deaths as an area under a curve?


(A). Left endpoints, 24.2844 deaths; Right endpoints, 28.2296 deaths
(B). See explanation.


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Video Transcript

so against proper. From your book, you have the data table on number ofthe deaths per day. It's time interval and you ask. Teo estimates the number of people who die from a certain period of time. So basically that temple right employment. So you just keep beauty prize the length of the interval. Who is death per day? And I mean the last of Len's off kind Interval, which is fourteen day for each one. And Time's the test today and left and point for each period of use initial tests rate and and the dry en pointe shoes because of the fast rate at as a sm point. So if you have the textbook with the table off data, then you know the left and point Mr Will keep us fourteen, which is a sense of each time. Interval times point zero zero seven nine percent. Zero point zero six three eight I don't think I need to copy everything. We just have everything except the last one. And if you use of Ryan Point, we have the length of time interval times We have everything, said the first one bills who used Ryan Point. We never used the first date, huh? And yeah, we had of everything, including the last one. And for part b. Our deal Explain it in. It is a beginning off this video.

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