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Problem 66

The top three countries in oil production in the …


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Problem 65

The top three countries in oil consumption in a certain year are as follows: the United States, Japan, and China. In millions of barrels per day, the three top countries consumed 39.8$\%$ of the worlds consumed oil. The United States consumed 0.7$\%$ more than four times China's consumption. The United States consumed 5$\%$ more than triple Japan's consumption. What percent of the world oil consumption did the United States, Japan, and China consume?"


Therefore, the money invested in the first account pays 3$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 400,000$, the money invested in the second account pays 4$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 500,000$, and the money invested in the third account pays 2$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 100,000$



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