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Problem 67

The top three sources of oil imports for the Unit…


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Problem 66

The top three countries in oil production in the same year are Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Russia. In millions of barrels per day, the top three countries produced 31.4$\%$ of the world's produced oil. Saudi Arabia and the United States combined for 22.1$\%$ of the world's production, and Saudi Arabia produced 2$\%$ more oil than Russia. What percent of the world oil production did Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Russia produce?"


Therefore, the money invested in the first account pays 4$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 75,000$, the money invested in the second account pays 3$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 15,000$ and the money invested in the third account pays 2$\%$ compounded annually is $\$ 10,000$.



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Video Transcript

right. The top three oil producers in the world are Saudi Arabia, United States and Russia. On this order, Um, these three companies together produce 31.4%. Um, Saudi Arabia combined with us. Um, that is 22.1% only 2.1%. And you see, we also know that Saudi Saudi Arabia refused. We've used 2% more than Russia. Man worship here. All right, so let's define our variables. So So let's have excuse people. You know what? So they will be, um, the production, the Saudi Arabia radia production percent. And then you can equal us production percent. And then finally, our chemical Russia's production person. Okay, so we know we add up all these percents together. They have 31.4% production. We know that. And plus you equals 22.1. We also know that Saudi Arabia is two more percent more in Russia. Yeah, so we want to try to solve this system here. All right. So the top two equations you can subtract those to get rid of a Oh, and we'll be rid of you. Okay, so let's do that. Let's attract close down and we get thes Cancel these. Cancel our equals. Ours have todo 31 point or minus, uh, 22.1. Okay, so you see, every morning, four minus turned to one, it's 9.3 gay percent for Russia. That means Saudi Arabia is gonna be 2% more than that. And then the U. S. Used to make sure this all adds up to 31.4. So we do 31 4 minus Russia's percent, minus Saudi Arabia's of, and we get a grand total of 10.8. The United States no one wants.

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