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Problem 69

At one time, in the United States, 398 species of…


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Problem 68

The top three oil producers in the United States in a certain year are the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, and Alaska. The three regions were responsible for 64$\%$ of the United States oil production. The Gulf of Mexico and Texas combined for 47$\%$ of oil production. Texas produced 3$\%$ more than Alaska.
What percent of United States oil production came from these regions?""


Russia produces $9.3 \%$
Saudi Arabia produces $11.3 \%$
United States produces $10.8 \%$



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Video Transcript

right. Question 68. The top three oil producers in the United States are the Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Alaska. Um, together these three companies produce 64% of us is oil production. Um, Gulf of Mexico and Texas together produce 47%. All right, And then Texas produces 3% more, then Alaska. I don't set this up as a system of equations. Okay, so first of all is to find our variables. That's called both Mexico percent. Okay. Of Mexico's percent, we're equal G Texas's percent for tea. You know, last his person. What? So we know that G plus t was a g close? Tiu us? Okay, together, all 3 to 64%. You know that? Just the gulf in Texas. Mexico's pretty big. It's not really just the United States. Um, does he go from Mexico in Texas together at 47%. And then, um, see Texas use three more than Alaska, so t equals eight. All right, So, um, the first thing to do here, let's attract these two equations down. So G. Martin's G is zero. Too much tea is zero a mind. Zero is just a 64 minus 47 17. So Alaska, 17% and then Texas. This me more than that. So that's been a B 20. And then together they're 64% 64%. So let's do 64 on 64 minus 20. In my 17 we'll be grand total of 27% or, um, go for Maxie 20.

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