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Problem 17 Easy Difficulty

The velocity graph of a braking car is shown. Use it to estimate the distance traveled by the car while the brakes are applied.


$155 \mathrm{ft}$


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Video Transcript

in this problem, the velocity graph of a breaking car is shown, right? So in red line it is given in the graph. Thanks. Use it to estimate the distance traveled by the car while the brakes are applied. So could be here, we will find area of each rectangle. Right? So this curve is actually making a rectangle. So using the formula R. N. Is equal to W. A. Status weight into height. Right? So we are just we are just calculating the area for particular. This blue one, you can say. So it is observed that all the tangles have the same with that is one unit, right? Because this unit is one, this is also 34. So this difference is nothing but This is one unit only. Right? So now this after after multiplying the blue and edge width and height, we will get this value R when R two, R three, R four, R five and R six. Right? So now we will find the sum of areas of the rectangles. We will just add all the areas. We have found out that this are totally close to 55 plus 40 plus 25 plus 20 plus 10 plus Fine. So this will give us 155 square units. Right? So this is the estimated rectangles which is covering the area, right, so that they stand started by the car will be 155 km. So this is how we solve this problem. So this is only the area we needed to calculate, but this is basically the distance traveled as well. I hope you understood the concept. Thanks for watching.