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Problem 18 Medium Difficulty

The velocity graph of a car accelerating from rest to a speed of 120 km/h over a period of 30 seconds is shown. Estimate the distance traveled during this period.


.7056 kilometers were traveled.


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Video Transcript

So in this question we haven't given a God accelerates from rest respite of 120 km/h in a span of participants. So we have to find the distance traveled during this period. Mhm Now we know that the formula traditions travel is equal to U. T. Plus half. It is where you have been given that is zero is also given there is significance but we don't know the value of extremism so we have to find the value of excellence. Now the final velocity is given in terms of kilometers per hour and we have to do to protect one km is equal to 1000 m one hour 3600 seconds. And by cal where do we get? The speed is 23.33 m per second. That is visible to 33.33 m per second. We also know that physical capacity but the the final final velocity with the initial velocity is actually something that is the time. So we statically category Country three you do And time and study so using this we can find the value of a so he will be called to 33.33 development that is called 1.11 m/s. So we'll just put the values and printer, this is travel that is yes, so you will be zero is 30 plus half is 1.11 were calculated here and he's simply 26 studies 30 so put the values here and we'll get the distance traveled 500 minutes presents. So the car will travel to the steps of 500 hours during this period.