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Problem 30 Hard Difficulty

The widths (in meters) a kidney-shaped swimming pool were measured at 2-meter intervals as indicated in the figure. Use Simpson's Rule to estimate the area of the pool.




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Video Transcript

problem. 30. The problem is kind of interesting. Wantto find the area off. This can formulate a acts asking why said this function as ah on dysfunction as a key. So the area it's a photo into grow up that financed the interval, Rocky. Right, Because from here to here, So that is Axe hero. And that is next eight because stares of 1234575678 So how you compute? Uh, it is equal to three to the sir to search because the interview is to times just use the same since Oh, Mina Here. 14242 for no one times at zero. That's four times uh, X one plus the dead. Ah, see these people too? Uh oh. Sorry. G ab sterile us, but that you know what you do and do the finest here minus you can find that area is Nico, too. To sirs, times seems after Act zero is equal to G x zero. So that's a zero. It's four times 6.2. Thus, two times 7.2. First the use a calculator. You can find out that the arteries 84 0.6 to 6 uh, 26 Right. Okay, that's all