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Problem 4

The "Chemistry in Focus" segment titled Dr. Ruth-…


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Problem 3

This section presents several ways our day-to-day lives have been enriched by chemistry. List three materials or processes involving chemistry that you feel have contributed to such an enrichment and explain your choices.


The Chemical processes that have enriched our lives are:
1) Production of Pharmaceutical drugs has helped to treat the patients from various ailments. For
example: Paracetamol is used to reduce fever and pain.
2) Production of fertilizers has helped to get best of farming. For example: Urea is used a nitrogen-release fertilizer.
3) Soap and detergents are used for washing and cleaning.



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Video Transcript

in problem 1.3 were to discuss three of the many ways chemistry and benefit our lives. Now one important benefit of chemistry is pain management. Through pharmaceutical drugs, for example, paracetamol can limit pain and provide a relief from various ailments. Secondly, mystery helps crop production and growth in their health by being used in fertilizers, fertilizers such as nitrogen, releasing fertilizers, which use Yuria and help plants grow green and strong, whereas if they're lacking this nutrient, they wouldn't be able to grow at all. So Yuria last nitrogen containing on pounds eight in plant growth and third me is chemistry daily in helping sanitize surfaces and remove dirt and oil from our hands. Your laundry detergent and hand soap both uses chemistry. You keep your hands clean and to keep you healthy. And obviously the soaps and detergents were work and removing dirt from an item close hands or a toy. These are three of the many ways chemistry can benefit us in our daily lives.

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