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Problem 39 Hard Difficulty

This table gives the mean temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) for the month of July over a 20 -year period in Roanoke, VA.
(a) Construct a box-and-whisker plot based on the data.
(b) Discuss any significant features of the plot.



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Video Transcript

to make your box and whisker plot, you need your five point summary. The minimum of the status set is 73.2. The median is 76.9 and the maximum that is the highest is 80.2. Now, our first quartile is 76 and our third quartile is 77.7. Now that you have these values, let's mark them on our number Line 73.2 is about here. Next we go up to 76 than 76.9 77.7 and finally 80.2. Next, connect your data points by making a line all the way through the centers of each of them. Finally make a box around your inner three pieces of data. When we look at this, we see that it's roughly symmetrical. Though this whisker is notably longer. That suggests that we have a lower minimum than we do maximum in comparison to the rest of the data, however, are middle. 50% of the data is very symmetrical. That means the middle 50% is highly clustered

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