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Problem 58

At a carnival, $\$ 2,914.25$ in receipts were tak…


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Problem 57

Three coworkers work for the same employer. Their jobs are warehouse manager, office manager, and
truck driver. The sum of the annual salaries of the warehouse manager and office manager is $\$ 82,000$ . The office manager makes $\$ 4,000$ more than the truck driver annually. The annual salaries of the warehouse manager and the truck driver total $\$ 78,000$ . What is the annual salary of each of the co-workers?


my share of groceries was $\$ 19.95,$ my other roommate's share was $\$ 22.05$ and Sarah's share was $\$ 40$



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Video Transcript

so let me know. What? Where? How much is that? You the office manager. We are traveling with D. So from the information from the question we have deputy U S O. We could you know 92,000 on the office manager. Ah, my honesty equals far 1000. And we're how Plus that Jack Trevor, In coach, you're 78,000. Do not want to country. So from going to every anthem and we subject them which we're gonna dump you unless the could you 72,000 and excellence them is the and in the culture question three, it means them we have money. Definite solution here. So infinite. So shin one particular solution would be And we fixed that that that that that the take Trevor will be equal Julissa 20,000 and then on the office. Ah, uh, the office manager must be Go do gently phone 1000 we're how we could do. Um front de I wasn't But even though it's infinite, sirs and we need to respect you, Uh, on Domenico Alberti on w says that they must be credit in the song of the smaller than 80 a smaller than, uh, a 78. 78,000 on down. So the, uh, the office manager must be great credit than the tea here is well.

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