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Problem 47 Easy Difficulty

Three odd-shped blocks of chocolate have the following masses and center-of-mass coordinates: (1) $0.300 \mathrm{kg},(0.200 \mathrm{m}$ $0.300 \mathrm{m} ) ;(2) 0.400 \mathrm{kg},(0.100 \mathrm{m},-0.400 \mathrm{m}) ;(3) 0.200 \mathrm{kg}$ $(-0.300 \mathrm{m}, 0.600 \mathrm{m}) .$ Find the coordinates of the center of mass of the system of three chocolate blocks.


$x_{c m}=0.044 \mathrm{m}$
$y_{c m}=0.056 \mathrm{m}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "we argue in three Masses 0.3 kilograms. 014 kilograms on 0.2 kilograms and they have with the victors. They don't want to come sit upon three meters. You don't want one meter? Come on. Minus 0.4 meter on minus 0.3 meter comma 016 meters. So these are gems and these are excess. Now we know that the center of mass Victor can be found simply by sensational. Am I exciting? Buy some mission or me? Well, except bar are the distance Victor's off each object are the distance vector off the center ofthe mask off the each other. That is, if you have an object with mass m on DH, center of Mass and excite, you can simply put am I excite into this formula and start off substituting for every single object in the system. So we simply write down the formula. HCM bar director is simply the first mass multiplied by the first distance vector that 013 multiplied by zero point comma 013 less 014 But if I by 0.1 come on minus 014 Let's sit a 0.2 multiplied by minus 0131016 divided by 013 Let's see the one for less still want to. Now it's simply this is simply the scale of multiplication. Off Victor's on deuces, they found two multiplied by zero point three is 0.6 Similarly, the second number is 0.79 You go on like that. It was before minus 0.16 Bliss minus 0.6 I was set up on 12 You want a bite? They want to keep a 014712 instead of 19 I was simply out the ex competence and divide it by, say, 19 and we simply rd one components anywhere. 0.9 to get subtle. 0.44 four car Little point 05 56 majors. This is the location Victor off the center of mass off the total system"}