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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

Three runners compete in a 100-meter race. The graph depicts the distance run as a function of time for each runner. Describe in words what the graph tells you about this race. Who won the race? Did each runner finish the race?


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Video Transcript

Okay, Here's a rough sketch of the graph, and here's what I would say about runner A. So they started out a little slow. The graph was a little more flat, and then they sped up. When they're graph got more steep and then they went a little slower at the end. When they're graph got a little less deep at the end, but notice they have the shortest time. So slower. So runner a one. Here's what I would say about Runner be. They were pretty steep at first, so they started out fast. And then they weren't very steep for a while in the middle. So they slowed down in the middle and then it got steep again. So they were going fast again at the end. Looks like runner be finished second and then for runner. See, it looks like they were fairly study throughout the race, not a great deal of changes to the speed, and they finished last. All three finished because all made it to 100 meters