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Problem 4

The graph of the equation $(x-1)^{2}+(y-2)^{2}=9$…

Problem 3

To find the $y$ -intercept(s) of the graph of an equation, we set _____ equal to 0 and solve for _____. So the $y$ -intercept of $2 y=x+1$ is _____.


Using concepts of intercepts, the "words" that fit the blank are $"x", " y "$ $" \frac{1}{2} "$



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Video Transcript

this item asks to find the Y intercept off the graph of an equation, we sit X equal to zero. And so, for why so Here, given the equation to y equals X plus one, we set X equal to zero. It's so for why and therefore the Y intercept noted as in order to pair is 0 1/2