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Problem 4

Consider the expression $\frac{1}{x}-\frac{2}{x+1…


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Problem 3

To multiply two rational expressions, we multiply their ______ together and multiply their ______ together.
So $\frac{2}{x+1} \cdot \frac{x}{x+3}$ is the same as ______.


"numerator" and "denominator".
$\frac{2}{x+1} \cdot \frac{x}{x+3} \rightarrow \frac{2 x}{(x+1)(x+3}$



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Video Transcript

so, um, similar to how one would multiply the fraction or two factions together. Like two out of three kinds. That's a 1/2. You would, um, occupy the numerous together to over and then mark Pilot nominates together sets. This lingering occurs with rational expressions. So here, if you have to go out of the experts, one extra bottle by experts. Three. You would multiply the numerous together two X divided pie and then number. You get X plus one times thanks plus three, and they have it.

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