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Problem 74

True or False? In Exercises $73-76$ , determine w…

Problem 73

True or False? In Exercises $73-76,$ determine whether the statement is true or false. If it is false, explain why or give an example that shows it is false.

If $f$ is undefined at $x=c$ , then the limit of $f(x)$ as $x$ approaches $c$ does not exist.




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Video Transcript

okay, if you could see, Has our function applied active? Being on the line in the limited ecstasy of our functions is a miracle. Well, we could have, if that critical procedure and then our function is gonna find a physical body. But then the limits can approach from both sides approach to think about. So that means that our limit doesn't just end this statement. It wouldn't exist if we have here tickle bomb and then our limit approaching different values, something like that.