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Problem 74 Medium Difficulty

True or False? In Exercises $73-78$ , determine whether the statement is true or false. If it is false, explain why or give an example that shows it is false.
Each antiderivative of an $n$ th-degree polynomial function is an $(n+1)$ th-degree polynomial function.




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Video Transcript

so true or false, You champion derivative of empty degree polynomial fun tree, isn't it? Lust wanted to be part of our functions. This is false because Integral zero Jax some constant C which is also a zero to group of another Foshan. However, it's true if we add a word zero go because if we have no zero behind on their function, let's say Hey, next to the end plus minus one extra liam minus one close that close Anyone thanks to the first because they're not serving Closing that when we take the integral of this Yes. Then we take it. Sent into residence we get and over plus one extra plus one close minus one over next to you. Nonstarter plus anyone. Number two That's really good stuff. One other too X squared clones. Thanks, Quincy, for yes, your function Santa is an n plus one degree part The next sentence