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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Twenty-six countries won medals in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The table lists them, along with the total number of medals each won:
(Table Can't Copy)

a) Try to make a display of these data. What problems do you encounter?
b) Can you find a way to organize the data so that the graph is more successful?


a. figure not available
b. figure not available


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Video Transcript

in question 16. We have a table that least there 26 countries that won medals in the year 2010 Winter Olympics. The first part of the question A was close to make a display for this data and tell what problems we encounter now, this are total off 26 countries. And if we create bad shots for the 26 countries, when we have a lot of categories for that, he also any create a pie chart. For these data, you have very many slices on. It will be very difficult for you to to tell the differences between the countries. So this is the pie chart that displays this information and this. Use the meadows for every country. So, as you can see here, some of these slices are very small, and one will not be able to see very clearly and make a good comparison in the second part of the question be We're supposed to find out whether there's an easier way to organize this information so that the graph is more successful and tow accomplish. That would need to categorize all these countries by their different continents. So if you compare the different continents. You will look teen a PIJ it that has, ah, fewer slices, and therefore it will be easier for you to see whether there's some differences are also able. You're able to compare the difference, my continence. So here is the pie chat that looks at the different medals by continent region. So we split that information so that you have America's yes, yeah, Europe and Oceania. So as you can see, it's very easy for you to tell the different sizes where the larger sizes for Europe compared to America's, then we could to Asia, Asia and the last one is Oceania.