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Problem 102

A helium-filled balloon and a basketball have the…

Problem 101

Two balloons that have the same weight and volume are filled with equal amounts of helium. One is rigid and the other is free to expand as the pressure outside decreases. When released, discuss which will rise higher.


The balloon with wall which is free to expand rises higher.



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Video Transcript

Well, so to answer this as the balloons start rising up as the balloons you start rising up. The atmospheric pressure decreases expanding the balloon, which is free off course to expand. This increases. This increases. It's volume occupied on DDE. The beer in course increases. Also pages causing it to raise higher. Now, let's talk about the one that can't expand. So about the balloon that can't expand, it displaces even lighter air because of all the Mafia in pieces. Right. You later wait up here. Right? Your weight off here. Lighter weight up there. You got a lighter rate off here. I'm going up. Experience him evenly. Ms. We're in force. Oh, right. So we are dead with the with this question.