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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Two skaters, a man and a woman, are standing on ice. Neglect any friction between the skate blades and the ice. The mass of the man is $82 \mathrm{kg},$ and the mass of the woman is 48 $\mathrm{kg}$ . The woman pushes on the man with a force of 45 $\mathrm{N}$ due east. Determine the acceleration (magnitude and direction) of (a) the man and (b) the woman.


0.55$m / s^{2}(\text {due east})$
0.94$m / s^{2}(\text {due} \text { west })$


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Video Transcript

in this question. The ones pushing the man with the forced off 45 meters goes off new toes. Third law. There will be an equal force off opposite direction that is acting on the woman. So because off neutral stored or there will be a force off opposite direction but equal intensity acting on the woman. It's the reaction force for the force she is applying on the men. Then we can now calculate What are the accelerations off? Both the man and the woman using new Don't start for a second law. It is as follows for the man we have the following the net force acting on the man. Is he close to the mass off the men times its acceleration The net force acting on the men is 45 new toes to the east. Let me say that everything pointing to the east it's pointing in the negative direction and everything pointing to the West is pointing to the positive direction. Then they forced the net. Force that is acting on the men is minus 45 new terms. The mask off the men is 82 kilograms. Then we have to know what is the acceleration of the men. Oh, don't don't need to put the unit inside the equation. Then the acceleration off the men is It goes to minus 45 divided by 82. But it gives us an acceleration off approximately 0.55 meters per second squared. No, for the woman we have the following. Mmm. Using Newton's second law, the net force acting on the woman is a coast to the mask off the Roman times. Acceleration of the woman. Now the net for that exacting on the woman is 45 new terms. The positive 45 new toes because it's 45 new terms to the west and it Zico's to the mass off the woman, which is 48 kilograms times the acceleration of the woman, then that's a relation off. The woman is a ghost 45 divided by 48 and this gives approximate an exploration off approximately zero 0.94 meters per second squared. Then the acceleration off the men is 0.55 meters per second, squared to the east direction and acceleration off. The woman is 0.94 meters per second, squared to the west direction