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Problem 60

Under constant-volume conditions, the heat of com…


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Problem 59

Under constant-volume conditions, the heat of combustion of glucose $\left(\mathrm{C}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{12} \mathrm{O}_{6}\right)$ is 15.57 $\mathrm{kJ} / \mathrm{g}$ . A 3.500 -g sample of glucose is burned in a bomb calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter increases from 20.94 to $24.72^{\circ} \mathrm{C}$ (a) What is the total heat capacity of the calorimeter? (b) If the size of the glucose sample had been exactly twice as large, what would the temperature change of the calorimeter have been?


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Video Transcript

his question as to that Start with it. All right. The formula for it It echoes emcee, they're not. This is mass was probably especially if capacity a change in temperature. Ah, we can also use the formula I used to write. This is also see this's capital C. This is mostly this is specific. It's cos this is it Capacity cans they're pretty because it capacity b c. And so for this question we have 3.5 grams Nichols on. Then we have 15 point five soon Good job program testy if produced by because Wang gram of glucose will pollute this amount of it. So if we have trip on five crime of Lucas, we're going to produce Ah, Tripp and Grandma because we produce 54 point for nine. I could like you days Cologne did 54.5 Collector ofthe united that is released because is he usedto eat the calorie meter. So for the calorie vita, it came back salary. Mika will be teased about four point full name. He came back an agreement I'm going to be see Cut it Competitive element Can't change in temperature. Yeah, tryingto completely competitive. Call Amita So the perimeter We have the current data judging from 20.9 40 precise sales, toa 24 point someone toe right with four 0.72 my nose 20.94 So in that case that my if compositing if companies will be 54 point for fine, different three point So it increasing this's trip assemble it. It's what they three persons 3.7. It is what I can't. When I so cracked 20.94 from 24 72 and say, excuse me, 14 point for one. So illegal point increase sex sells. Okay, Is the compact of the question safe? It's twice the amount of because its products, if we have so the amount of united it will be 50 57 Teo defense Graham, That's 3.5 grand. Asked if well used trying their money, so is goingto prodigious amount ofthe night it Why, hello It mine, right. Thank you. So this amount will be He crossed it the capacity to change in temperature. So I will say Genji is ok. I want a complete change in temperature. Change in temperature. Ruby one hold it going by and I could. Like Tio defined by C. C is 40 one for one. So, like your Kartik assessor checking temperature baby seven point right, his secret excesses.

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