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Problem 32 Easy Difficulty

Under what circumstances would the mode be an appropriate measure of central tendency?


The mode (most frequent entry) is most appropriate in situations as voting (non-numerical data). For example, data gathered on the question "Name the best NBA rookie for 2016/17" will produce a list of names, and "Brogdon" as mode, will earn the Rookie of the Year award (unfortunately, not Saric).


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Video Transcript

this question asks, When should we use the mode for a measure of central tendency? Well, the mode is not always as easy to find as the mean or the median. It requires a lot of counting, and it's not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have a lot of data. But consider this. What if instead of having a distribution like this on a new miracle axis, so this zeros is 10 this is negative. Would have. Instead we had a of, ah poll about, say, your classmates favorite colors. So we had red, blue and green, and we has something like this of Bora graph, if you will here the mood. Although it's not technically central tendency, it's the mode is still a valuable measure of, um, the tendency of this data. If you can see the red, is the one with the most the most common value in this data set. So red here is the mode. The mode is super helpful when we don't have numerical values, but we still want to know something about our data. The mode will tell us what is the most likely out of all of our data