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Problem 43 Easy Difficulty

USA Today regularly asks readers, "Have a complaint about airline baggage, refunds, advertising, customer service? Write: .."
a. What kind of sampling method is this?
b. Are the results likely to be biased? Explain.


a. volunteer b. yes


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Video Transcript

Okay, So a newspaper is asking its readers. Did you have any problems about your buggit or your baggage advertising your experience, Any refunds? And so part A here is what kind of sampling method is this? And so the sampling method here is, uh Let's see. Okay. Oops. Go get the pen selected. Ah, the sampling method here is it's a voluntary response. So voluntary response and the reason being is on Lee people that I've had experiences with this company, you're gonna bother reaching out. Otherwise you're not gonna hear from anybody. Part B of this question is, is it likely to have any sort of bias? And the response here again is yes. There certainly gonna be biased because the only people that are gonna be responding to this sort of question are folks that are probably upset because they had a bad experience