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Problem 56

Use a calculator to find the following function v…


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Problem 55

Use a calculator to find the following function values.
$$\sin 39^{\circ}$$


$\sin \left(39^{\circ}\right)=0.6293$



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Video Transcript

all right, so we are dealing with a trigonometry problem now. The biggest thing we actually have to worry about most trigonometry problems is answering this question. Should we choose degree mode or should we choose radiant? Because when we're dealing with trig problems, there's actually two different ways. They describe an angle either using the degrees or using something called Great. Now, if we want to use, the green mode will notice that our numbers have a degree symbol in them, like 72 degrees, 104 degrees, or 721 agreed. Radiant Mode describes our angles using the value of pi. It will either see it with the pie value, or you might see it as a number with a decimal so the others could see you like high over four reef high over six, Chief High. Or you might see numbers that look like to point. Thanks 3.14 things like that, but they are all missing that degree symbol. So that's when we know we need to choose radiant mode over the agreement. Now, why this is important is because our calculators actually have to be switched in between those bones based on how I'm solving my problem. So it a basic scientific calculator like this Casio you have to be able to be switched between those. If this is what you choose to use for your calculation, so to switch between them gonna want to know where your shift is and you're set up. He had not all scientific cap letters from this way, But this is your standard model. So this is just a way I can show you what you're looking for. So once you hit, shift first and then set up, you're gonna have this menu here that shows you all the different ways we can change your calculator and the two important ones in this problems our number three and number four number three, which is our degree mode number four, which is our radiant move on whatever. When we choose, we just have to pick that number on our looking for degree. We hit three for looking for radiant. We hit for and then from there are we'll see that right here there's a little box with the letter in to represent what mover in So that has a deep that truck killer Avian degree mode and these scientific calculators 10 just start in degree mode as their default setting. Whereas if you're using a Texas instrument, graphing calculator or any of the graphing calculators, he's actually tend to start in radiant mode and then you have to be able to switch between them. So for these ones to switch between them, what we do is we use this mo button. It's right here next to this second button. The second is one of your two color buttons, normally blue or yellow, depending on which one we're dealing with. And all we have to do is hit mode, and we can see all of these possibilities of how we can switch your calculator. But again, the to import ones. I'm looking for the words radiant and degree, and right now I can see that radiant is one with the black box around it. So I have to use my arrow pads here. I'm just gonna school down till I get to it, being blinking on radium, and then I can use my left right arrows to be able to choose between those two mode. If I want to switch it, I highlight the one I want to switch to you, hit the enter key here at the bottom, and it will switch that black box to mold that it is now in. And then to exit this menu, I mean her head clear, or I can see that I have the word quick here about mode, but it's in blue. So I hit the blue button first, or being yellow, using the other mode or other Texas instrument, and I just hit second mode to get out of that. That's really the biggest question you have to answer here is what am I going to be solving this problem in going back to the question at hand, I want to solve sign of 39 degrees. That means I need to be in degree moat now, depending again on the stylist calculator I have. It might change exactly how I enter it in my calculator, either. I'm gonna hit this sign button first. 39 degrees. Um, I'm gonna close my bracket and hit equals air, and I'll show you what that looks like. That's how these graphing helped letters and most of the scientific ones work as well, so we'll see that the sign button, which is here above 789 when I click that I already get an open bracket, and that's why I don't have to start my bracket. It's already started or me. What I just have to do then, is type 39 lows my bracket off and hidden. What? There's another way I could have this calculator run and some of the scientific toddlers actually require me to hit 39 1st then sign enclosed my bracket, and that would be similar to this style here. So if you notice I try to do sign first, then hit 39 equals I get 39 is an ant, and that's because it's actually doing the sine function. So what I actually have to do is have to go 39 1st Then click on my sign, finish off my bracket and hidden and again it will give me that exact same number. So just be aware of what your calculator does and how those differences 10 affect your answer. But here we're getting the exact same answer for both. Um, it's an extremely long number. What will we do? Write it out. We do tend to just write the 1st 4 numbers. After the dust settles and apply around these rules, as you normally would. This zero in nine three. Now, with the closing bracket, that's mostly just in case. We want to do another calculation afterwards by closing off that bracket and then making sure that the 39 is the only thing happening with Signe and nothing else actually being applied to the sign itself. So again, just make sure you're in the right mode degree or radiant. And then from there you just have to type your trig functions sign and the value that you want to solve for whether it's a degree, value, our rating value and then close your bracket and hit. So hopefully that helps in trying to calculate out this kind of problem. And again, just make sure you are very familiar with how your calculator functions and being able to switch between those mode

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