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Problem 27 Easy Difficulty

Use a change of variables to find the following indefinite integrals. Check your work by differentiation.
$$\int\left(x^{6}-3 x^{2}\right)^{4}\left(x^{5}-x\right) d x$$


$$\frac{\left(x^{6}-3 x^{2}\right)^{5}}{30}+C$$


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Video Transcript

in the problem. Delicious. It's the power Sings My streets squad with our full and went to the bar fight minus sticks deals. So in the problem, we have to zoom. He was in the past six minus three X squad. Through these DD equals six x to the power five minus three into do It's Day X or media will six into into the bar five minus x X or we can write Dede 46 equals two If tomorrow five minus six days. No, it is one of six integration. Do you do the bar for Dede? Therefore, this equals to one upon six in to give the par 5/5 plus C or it is equal to one upon 30 and do it's the ball six minus three X squad with Bar five. Let's see, this is the answer.