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Problem 41 Easy Difficulty

Use a computer with three-dimensional graphing software to graph the surface. Experiment with viewpoints and with domains for the variables until you get a good view of the surface.

$ -4x^2 - y^2 + z^2 = 0 $


elliptic cone

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Video Transcript

Yes. So you want to plot the graph G squared equals two for access to the square. So here's what I would do is I do last ready? Uh huh. Yes four X squared talking about them. Yeah. Oh, excess square last night. Square glass riots. Yeah. Yeah. This is how it looks like can see this as a phone. Yeah. And each point is an ellipse at each planning narcotic. Get any lips and this is how it looks like. Mhm. Yeah. Older case. And if you can if you view it from the top this is our visit is a cool and if you are protected under the plane will be in the lips. I also and then I just took a positive part and next leads to the negative point. If you do the negative part, you can see that the surface below which is for the negative of spirit of exactly the same thing. It's just a reflection media reflection. Yeah. Thank you. Mhm. Mhm. And again it's the same thing. Again, if you if you just cut it out, then you'll get another ellipse at every place. So this is the graph of uh G square First report accessible restaurants. Yeah. And the top parties for the positive one, which is the blue, the red parties for the -1, which is in there. Mm.