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Problem 47 Hard Difficulty

Use a graph to estimate the $ x $-intercepts of the curve $ y = 1 - 2x - 5x^4 $. Then use this information to estimate the area of the region that lies under the curve and above the $ x $-axis.




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Video Transcript

I'm trusting based off of the premise of the question and the answer that you're allowed to use a graphing calculator, which is what I'm doing here. You just want to type out the equation whatever graphing calculator the use um you might need to mess around with your window a little bit. Mine's pretty easy because I can just zoom in. I can grab the screen and move it around. Um and they just care about the X intercepts. So there is further proof as to why you need a graphing calculator. Because I don't think you can figure this out just by, you know, doing the quadratic formula. It's a core tech first of all, so write these numbers down because then what you can do is you can do the integral. Which I need to find my button for. The integral Of those numbers. That's what I don't like about this calculator is once I click over here that goes away negative .859. Mm. That's why I would be to your benefits, write it down and I didn't. And over here we get .4-1. Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm. And then re type this equation which I can actually just copy and paste. Um And then usually with calculators you have to tell the calculator what your independent variable is. So D. X. And this is a An approximation. So we're looking at 1.360. But I do want to point out that I rounded these two numbers so this might be a bad approximation found is sharing what I did to get this approximation. And the answer looks appropriate. 1.360 Looks like the area under the curve from here to here above the X. Axis. Yeah. 1.360.