Problem 85

(a) Use enthalpies of formation given in Appendix…


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Problem 84

Use bond enthalpies in Table 5.4 to estimate $\Delta H$ for each of
the following reactions:


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Video Transcript

All right. So we're going to use in the bond and for peace and table five point four to MIT to estimate the Delta age for each of these reactions. So we have our reaction here. Now, let's use our bonds and Topi. Okay, so this one So we're going to use Ah, Has this law dealt? H reaction is equal to Delta. Deprives my stele, takes reactors. Okay, so we have one seal bond here. C c l h bond four thirty one. Plus we have three cbre's plus one CCL twenty eggs minus cco C L C E o. Well, which as the clc l forgot to write that down. That's going to be a positive to forty two killing jewels for home. You plus three cbrc br best three c be our mantelpiece. That's one of the agents See, before thirteen killer Jules pra mon they re implanted into a calculator they want plus three times to seventy six was three twenty eight minus two for two plus three Yes, three It was two seventy six. Thanks. Let's four. Thirteen That's going to be equal to No, the H is going to be equal to one Oh, for killing Jules behind. No, that's for party. Now for part B. Okay, we get it. Not two as to a waste pounds for sixty three plus two C. Yes. Let me rephrase that. We have two waters, and in each war, we have to age. So that means you're gonna have four. Oh, age bonds. Okay. Plus two C o bonds minus. As for Obama plus four ch bones Syrian. Plug this in four times for sixty three plus two times seven ninety nine minus four times four ninety five. Plus four times for thirteen Delta age one eighty two. Yes, Kill a Jules Permal. So this is how you used bon entropy, too, to estimate your Delta H values.

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