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Problem 32 Easy Difficulty

Use implicit differentiation to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.
$ y^2 (y^2 - 4) = x^2 (x^2 - 5), (0, -2), $ (devil's curve).



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Video Transcript

in this problem. Ways to use implicit differentiation by pushing up times like this. Given Achter at a given 0.0 name too. You know, that attendant lady question will be one minus boiler is equal to diverted off this punch in every way that a given point multiplied by expert in sex. No. All right. So he personally do I find it very talk dysfunction and related this given 0.0. So to do that less for big their ritual Both sides we have to. Why times? Why Prime time's white scream lines for Waas Why scrape to die for a crime? This is equal to two X times like scream one spy waas ex great multiplied by um too. Thanks. So, basically we use product grew for left inside and right inside. All right, we know, given Pollan's ex snuck and why not solicitous toward Does'nt underwritten role? At that point, it's not to do that. We find it to be native or times y prime time. Zero minus 16 times y prime is equal to zero since sex noted zero promise. We see that then why not figuratively friendship? Zero If day average of zero we can find the pressure and like to be one Linus name to physical zero that gives us why is he cooperated to?