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Problem 25 Medium Difficulty

Use implicit differentiation to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.
$ y \sin 2x = x \cos 2y, (\pi /2, \pi /4) $


$$y-\frac{\pi}{4}=\frac{1}{2}\left(x-\frac{\pi}{2}\right), \text { or } y=\frac{1}{2} x$$

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Video Transcript

in this problem, whereas to use himself differentiation by any question and lying to the Given her at this given point by over two or all right, we know that the question of tension line will give off my minus point out. Where fire force, when a times slow. So what we do? We talk dysfunctional it that extra five times explains. That's not or it's not as if I were to. So let's use implicit differentiation. Take. There were topless, given a function. He have two terms consigned to X and y plus y prime site to eggs were used for a cool that is equal. Do pro sign up to our minus two x sign to war. On what crime? We can grow old terms by primal What side? So we have white crime to X sign to one once signed to X, and this is equal to co sign to Why minus two. Why co sign to x promise. We see that why prime is equal to, um, go sign to boy minus two. Why co signed to X He wanted by two x sign by plus side to X. Now let's elect this. There were two at this given point, we find and Verity what prime at that point to be co sign of fire to minus two pi over four co signer by he wanted by two times prior to signed by or to my son by put some plywood to zero sign of 00.0 on this we see that. Why prime is that one? How of people? I'd be directive in this equation of attendant Lane. We don't find out why. Minus fiber. Four. Is it on how x minus fired two From this time be question of transatlantic forgiven point is, why is it?