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Problem 41 Medium Difficulty

Use intercepts to help sketch the plane.

$ 2x + 5y + z = 10 $




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Video Transcript

Hello. We have a question in this. We need to sketch the plane two x plus five. Y Is equal to 10. With the help of intercepts. So first of all we'll be getting x intercept. So for x intercept Why? And that should be equal to zero. So after plugging in will be getting two x equal to 10. So x equal to five. The X intercept will be 5:00. Yeah. Similarly for why intercept. Well plugging in x equal to zero And that equal to zero. So X0. This will become 00 five UAE called 10. So why I called you too? 02 zero 30 days. Um The Y intercept. Sorry is that intercept? So this for this X equal to zero and why call to zero. We're plugging in here. So That will be equal to 10 00 and then no like I just dry it. Why X if this is dead. So X intercept is 5:00. So this is five comma zero comma zero. This is the origin. Second is zero comma two comma zero. Were intercepted two zero comma two comma zero. And that intercepted zero comma zero comma 10. Okay well here's somebody here. Zero comma zero, comma 10. So plan you would look like this. This is a required plane. Abc if you see abc is the required plane. Thank you