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Problem 42 Easy Difficulty

Use intercepts to help sketch the plane.

$ 3x + y + 2z = 6 $


$3 x+y+2 z=6$

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Video Transcript

Yeah, they're asking to use the intercept method to help sketch the plane given by the equation three expressed Y plus two is equal to six. Therefore using intercept method, in the first case you have to consider why and they're intercept to be zero and therefore value of X is equal to two. In the second case we have to consider the intercept value X. And Their to be zero. So the value of y equal to six. And in the 3rd case we have to consider the value of the intercept X. And Y to be zero. So the value of Z intercept will be well too three. Therefore using the intercept method, the point to be plotted or the plane are point A. Is 200, point B is 060 and point C. Is 003. It's not mm. Mhm. So after finding the intercepts in order to sketch the glove for the given equation of the plane, we have use the graph. You sure That the .8200 B060 and 003 are plotted in the X, Y and Z axis respectively. And the points are marked with the red dots and the plane is enclosed in our red triangle. So this is the required sketch of the plane in the given question. Using the intercept method and this is the required answer