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Problem 20 Medium Difficulty

Use Newton's method to find all solutions of the equation correct to six decimal places.

$ \ln x = \dfrac{1}{x - 3} $




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Video Transcript

to use Newton's method. The first thing we can do is take the derivative. Okay, Looking at this weakens. Your first year was zero point sex, which means we could make the church okay, first x zero point sex. We get 0.65 plug 0.6 500. You get 0.65 You do this a couple more times, and you'll eventually end up with your first acts. Was approximately 0.65 Now let's do this again for a 2nd 0 which is 3.8 doing the same thing. Newton's formula put 3.75 and we get 3.75 again, giving us our two zeros our X 0.653 060 and 3.755701