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Problem 21 Medium Difficulty

Use Newton's method to find all solutions of the equation correct to six decimal places.

$ x^3 = \tan^{-1} x $




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Video Transcript

The first step of Newton's method is to take the derivative after Prime is gonna be three X squared, minus one over one plus X squared. Now that we have this, we know we have Newton's method formula, which means that if we say exit zeros negative one plug in negative one. We end up with Native 0.91 for exits to night of 0.90 Ex of three negative 0.90 Again, which gives the first rule, is approximate native 0.90 Do the same for the second route. Acts of Wanda's 0.91 bucks of Jews 0.90 exit 3.90 which gives us our two routes as negative 0.90205 25