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Problem 63 Hard Difficulty

Use Property 8 to estimate the value of the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int^2_0 xe^{-x} \,dx $


$0 \leq S_{0}^{2}\left(x e^{-1}\right) d x \leq 2 e^{-1}$

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Video Transcript

the first thing we can do is take the derivative right in front of form. Now we know of Prime Texas steer when access one. Therefore, we contest the values here wanted to 0.37 r e to the negative. One been up of two is to e to the negative two or 0.27 Therefore, we know we have zero is less than or equal to the intro from 0 to 2 x e to the minus one detox, which is less than or equal to two e to the minus one.