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Problem 59 Hard Difficulty

Use series to approximate the definite integral to within the indicated accuracy.

$ \int^{0.4}_0 \sqrt{1 + x^4} dx $ $ \left( \mid \text {error} \mid < 5 \times 10^{-6} \right) $




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Video Transcript

The problem is, you're Siri's to approximate it have been leading a girl to weddings and indicated the curious thing interior from zero to zero point or times square root of one plus x two. Four DX. Every Celester off pounced on Trinity of six. First half squire it of one class axed or disease, which you some from zero to twenty. My half, too in counts, too warning, then an integral from zero to zero point or squatted to lump. Last warning. The X is equal to some from zero to twenty, well, half in terms. Ex to warn him, plus one over a foreign one from zero to zero point four. Rich from zero to infinity, half and half in terms extra. It's their point for two for him. Last one over for end plus one things half in is equal to one half pants negative. Behalf have snake Teo three. Half Thank you off over to the dark hands. Well, half minus months. One. We're in fact arial, so we can see that what him is created. One. This series is on automating Siri's by alternating Siri's you as to mention serial behalf. Every wall oft in this approximation hard for in plus one, this life less than zero point or two foreign in us Far over. You're you within us pounds Here's half and that's what So why him is equal to shoo? We have our this. Our nine just sliced three pounds There a point for the power their king over thirteen, which is about three point two three pounds. Ten connective it which is last time. Five pounds in six. So we have This series is about zero point four class. You're half one times they appoint or too far over off us. We'LL have to Holmes zero point four to nine over nine, which is about zero point would say you know y zero zero thirty six.