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Problem 58 Medium Difficulty

Use series to approximate the definite integral to within the indicated accuracy.

$ \int^1_0 \sin (x^4) dx $ $ \text { (four decimal places)} $




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Video Transcript

The problem is you're Siri's. Took approximate. Is that that leading the girl to Willinto indicated accuracy integral from zero to one sign next to or Jax, this is going to grow from here. Which one start from zero that you want in terms extra for the power chewing one over shoe in one Victoria? Yeah. Which is equal to some from zero to twenty one to in pounds, thanks to it. You over it in shooting us one bacterial from zero to one. This is a call to some from zero to twenty. Makes you want to in perhaps one over. And parents too impressed. One Victoria, my end is equal to three. Behalf one over. Thank you. Someone like you. It's a part of zero point zero zero zero zero serial selling. So we have this. Siri's is about one over. Mind slung over thirteen times three factorial. Last one hundred twenty one times. Wow, factorial when shit is about zero point one paint a thousand six