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Problem 63 Hard Difficulty

Use series to evaluate the limit.

$ \lim_{x \to 0} \frac {\sin x - x + \frac {1}{6} x^3}{x^5} $




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Video Transcript

you serious to invalidate the limit? All right, so we gonna first expand. Son of ex in exquisite too X minus keep or through pictorial class. That's a five hour theft career. And so long suppressant higher orders. Room one is X plus sq, or six, which is just a directorial all rights to fight. So, uh, we know that love is higher term. Actually, it is with specified is little small expired. So by small, I'm saying that this limit it just zero. So this is the our heroic term. Hire the term for five, and so this canceled out, and the final result is gonna be preparatory, which is just one or one twenty.