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Problem 61 Medium Difficulty

Use series to evaluate the limit.

$ \lim_{x \to 0} \frac {x - \ln (1 + x)}{ x^2} $




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Video Transcript

Okay, So you serious to you? Validate on this. Should be a limit. Acts to zero X minus loin of one class X over X square. All right, So you'd serious. The means were going toe. Apply the tailor experiment Too long off. One minus x. What? Plus it's which is equal to X minus head of X squared. Plus as Cuba or three. And in minus minus. Some hire, other term. We just replaced this by curse. Um, small of three of us cube over X square. Wishes equals two. After hearing Herr rewired his turn as full of square. Okay. And it goes who? Half of that square plus ooo square over at square wishes equals to one half.