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Problem 65 Hard Difficulty

Use series to evaluate the limit.

$ \lim_{x \to 0} \frac {x^3 - 3x + 3 \tan^{-1} x}{x^5} $




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Video Transcript

you serious to be valid limit? All right, So them That's two power extra zero zero and askyou minus three x plus three are ten x over X. Well, first, expand up to the next. So this becomes too live in zero x zero and axe Cute minus three X plus three times so X minus X cubed over three, plus extra for power five or five plus some. Harold Turn off if I over six five. So become Salim as to zero and we expand this permit this and they come becomes too so three, fifty times extra power five plus some hair or the term of power five over at score file Just because two, three fifth.