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Problem 96

Use the Born-Haber cycle and data from Appendix I…

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Problem 95

Use the Born-Haber cycle and data from Appendix IIB and Chapters 3 and 9 to calculate the lattice energy of KCl. (Hsub for potassium is 89.0 kJ>mol.)


-717 \mathrm{kJ}



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Video Transcript

What? Asham chloride K seal is obtained from several steps. The intel p change for the overall reaction is shown us followed. But I simples chlorine gives kiss. Here, man, the entire B is negative for 36 point for you kilograms In born haber cycle, The first step is the formation off gaseous protection from solid protection that is sublimation and dirty. It gives us potash in solid form two conversion off Petitioning gashes Home on DDE We have Delta H equals 89.0. Kiddo, Jules, the second step is the formation off chlorine atom from chlorine molecule. That is who seeing gives me chlorine gashes on until he is is it will do half the born the nog off chlorine to so half the born and audio 243 witches 1 21 point for you, Kendall Jones. The third step is the ionization off gashes. Putin puts ASHA with Intel B off positive 419. The fourth step is the addition Often electron toe chlorine with the intel B off negative 349 while the final step is the formation off case hell from the irons. So the value off lattice energy can be obtained by subtracting the some off above entitled piece from the overall reaction which gives us the lattice an I d off negative. 717 Calo Jules.

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