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Problem 55 Easy Difficulty

Use the following information to answer the next four exercises. Table 3.15 shows a random sample of musicians and how they learned to play their instruments.

Find P(musician is a male AND had private instruction).




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Video Transcript

high on this question. We're looking to find the probability that a musician is male and had private instruction. So with probability, we're finding the number of favorable outcomes over the number of possible outcomes. So in this case, are favorable outcomes. Would be our male musicians, some musician, Okay, who is male, And they had to have private instructions. So we're gonna follow the road that says male over and look for the column that says private instruction. And then we're going to see where those two meet and those to me at the number of 15 and then on the bottom, we use the total possible outcomes, which in this case, would be all musicians. So when you find the total of all musicians, which is the bottom right corner of the table, you get 130. And when you divide that on the calculator, you get 0.115 which, when you round become 0.12 Thank you