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Problem 54 Medium Difficulty

Use the following information to answer the next four exercises. Table 3.15 shows a random sample of musicians and how they learned to play their instruments.

Find P(musician is a female).




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Video Transcript

Oh, hi, we're looking at the question. They asked about the probability that a musician is see milk. So we're going to look at the probability the musician is female and to find the probability of something. It's the number of favorable outcomes over all possible outcomes. So in this case, the favorable outcomes would be the female musicians. So we're looking to find a number of female musicians, and on the bottom would be all outcomes, which would be all musicians. Uh huh. Go. Here we go, a musician's. So find our answer. We're looking for the female musicians, so if you look in the left far left, it has gender. And if you find the road, this is female and follow that all the way to the right. You'll see there's a total of 72 female musicians, and then for all musicians. We can go to the bottom of that same column or the find the total on the far left and follow that all the way to the right. Either way, you'll see that there's 100 and 30 musicians total, which gives us when me divide it, a probability of zero 0.554 for the probability that a musician