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Problem 111 Medium Difficulty

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises. The table of data obtained from www.baseball-almanac.com shows hit information for four well known baseball players. Suppose that one hit from the table is randomly selected.

Find P(hit was made by Ty Cobb|The hit was a Home Run).
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { a. } \frac{4189}{12351}} \\ {\text { b. } \frac{114}{1720}} \\ {\text { c. } \frac{1720}{4189}} \\ {\text { d. } \frac{114}{12351}}\end{array}$$


b that is $\frac{114}{1720}$


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Video Transcript

Hi. We've got a question here asking the probability that a hit was made by Ty Cobb given that the hit was a homerun and we have a table of information right above to help us with that answer. Remember that the probability of any than A given B is equal to the probability of A and B over the probability of B. So in this case, we're trying to find the probability of Ty Cobb and ah, home run over the probability of home runs. So to find our answer, we're gonna find the Ty Cobb bro and find the home run column. And where they meet is this 114 and then the home run column itself, which would be our total for home runs for the bottom. We go to the bottom of that that 17 20. And if you look at her choices since this one doesn't actually have it divided out, its choice B 1 14 over 17 20. Thank you.