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Problem 110 Medium Difficulty

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises. The table of data obtained from www.baseball-almanac.com shows hit information for four well known baseball players. Suppose that one hit from the table is randomly selected.

Find P(hit was made by Babe Ruth).
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { a. } \frac{1518}{2873}} \\ {\text { b. } \frac{2873}{12351}} \\ {\text { c. } \frac{583}{12351}} \\ {\text { d. } \frac{4189}{12351}}\end{array}$$


b that is $\frac{2873}{12351}$


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Video Transcript

Hi. We're looking at the question that I asked the find of probability. The hit was made by papers and we're using the table 3.21 which is right above it. So to find the probability of something, we look for the number of favorable outcomes out of the total number of outcomes. So in this case, the favorable outcomes would be our hits made by Babe Ruth. And so in this case, when you find the Babe Ruth Rowe and followed all the way over to the right, there were 2873. It's made by Babers, and the total number of possible outcomes will be the total number of hits which, as you can see in your table, is 5 12,351 And so since this multiple choice has our answers written as fractions, you just want to find the one that looks like that. That's choice. Be so our final answer is Choice B. 2873 over 12,351. Thank you