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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

Use the four-step procedure for solving variation problems given on page 445 to solve Exercises 1–10. $y$ varies inversely as $x . y=6$ when $x=3 .$ Find $y$ when $x=9$




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Video Transcript

were given that y varies. Inversely is X, so we'll start with that relationship that why equals K over X? No, we will substitute in the pair. We know we know that. Why is six effects is three, So we'll substitute six. And for why Three and four x will use an inverse operation. Isolate K, multiply each side by three. This results in the fact that the constant variation is 18. If we substitute that constant into the original instead of K over X, we have 18 over X. So therefore, if we substitute in the 94 x the Sequels 18/9 and therefore why equals 18 divided by nine, which is to