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Problem 30 Medium Difficulty

Use the given graph of $ f $ to sketch the graph of $ f^{-1} $.


see graph

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Video Transcript

all right here we have a rough sketch of the graph of F, and we want to graph its inverse. So let's start by giving the coordinates of a couple of key points on F notice that F goes through the 0.1 and it goes through the 0.20 while F inverse will then go through the 0.10 and the 0.2 we switched the coordinates. So let's start by plotting those points 10 and zero to now. Remember, we're expecting these graphs to look like reflections across the line Y equals X, so it might help to have that line sketched in. Now we connect these points and make a curve and make it look like it's a reflection. Across that line. We'll get something sort of like that.