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Problem 29 Medium Difficulty

Use the given graph of $ f $ to sketch the graph of $ f^{-1} $.


Reflect the graph of $f$ about the line $y=x$. The points (-1,-2),(1,-1) $(2,2),$ and (3,3) on $f$ are reflected to $(-2,-1),(-1,1),(2,2),$ and (3,3) on $f^{-1}$

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Video Transcript

here were given a rough sketch of the graph of F, and we want to graph f inverse. So let's look at some of the key points on F. It goes through the point. Negative one negative, too. One negative one to to 33 So if in verse, will have those coordinates switched. So if inverse will go through negative to negative one negative 11 to to and 33 So let's start by plotting those points negative to negative one. Negative. 11 2233 Let's connect those with line segments. And now what we should observe is that these graphs are reflections across the line. Y equals X. Here's the line Y equals X. They do, indeed to look like appear to look like reflections across that line.