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Problem 108 Medium Difficulty

Use the information in the Table 3.19 to answer the next eight exercises. The table shows the political party affiliation of each of 67 members of the US Senate in June 2012, and when they are up for reelection.

The events “Other” and “Up for reelection in November 2016” are ________
a. mutually exclusive.
b. independent.
c. both mutually exclusive and independent.
d. neither mutually exclusive nor independent.


A "mutually exclusive".


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Video Transcript

Hi. We're looking at question one away that asked whether the events other and up for re election in November 2016 are mutually exclusive. Independent, both or neither. And so we're looking at the other event and in November 2016 reelection. And if you look at our table in this particular case, the other column has zeros all the way through it. And so because there's zero under other and zero therefore also under November 2016 these events are mutually exclusive. And since they're mutually exclusive, that means that they can't be independent, because to be independent, you have 21 has to happen when the other one happens. Eso In this case, your final answer would be a actually exclusive. Um, because it can't be independent once you've determined that it's mutually exclusive. Um, because independent like I said, means you have to happen at the same time. And since major exclusive means they didn't happen at the same time, that can't be both. So it's a mutually exclusive