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Problem 49 Easy Difficulty

Use the region $R$ with the indicated boundaries to evaluate each double integral.
\iint_{R}\left(4-4 x^{2}\right) d y d x ; \quad 0 \leq x \leq 1,0 \leq y \leq 2-2 x




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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "we would be like to Avery, wait disturber in Tabor on those grounders are very of eggs. Dhirendra fixes 0 to 1 in the Ranger off. Why is zero toe to minors to X, sir, they give infractions. This one. Sorry, just try to do it. And I go the way seem pro. Very simple way have 0 to 1. This is the range off X 0 to 1 on Dillinger off. Why is zero two two minus two? Eggs s so minus for eggs. Been winter grated fast three with respect to weigh. And then after we respect toe eggs. Good. So this is constant off rice. So means that we we integrated just with respect to a world. And this is goto way because this is constant er for it begun. Put even this before this. Very before this sign Sore breads. All rights Big Creek and do it immediate tree. We have 0 to 1. Be heresy. Okay, it me not keeping this step here for minus for mix because maybe this way's clear for everyone because this is constant off. Why kind of be You can put it before a sign or fry off. Take off with respect to what end should go z rule to minors to why? Notes to ex story off the way. Because this is Constance or why? And then after this one we interviewed by X So this is good too. I'm just here. It's going to integral. This is sputtering. Chigir from 0 to 1 off. Full minors for X for eggs. Wash Take off. This is why So why? Value for I is 0 to 2 minus two pigs zero the eggs. So if we put the front of why here. This is to minors to X. This is zero. So we have answer. Go from 0 to 1 off. Minus for X Ben time Z busybody Off away! Is it too Mine? US two eggs Deal from eggs. This is good. True Pensa, go from 0 to 1. This is the age four times two is the age minus two. Time was four is minus age. Thanks again minus eight x then press eight Excess cream. Sure. Super s H excess career. I wrote it. What do you know for pigs? Remember that This the same. We can write it as Goto 16 16 eggs minus 16 X I Sure if I did spend Friday wave. This is eight. Yes, this is it. For eight minus four age minus 80. Ex press eight Excuse. So we can integrate this with respect to why? And see if I didn't change the question. Okay, I made again. Mystic. But that's not a program here. We can correct it. So they given questions. Becks is grand for exits created here. We have to here, dear. Could to again for ex clear small program. Hear her for excess career for Exists clear for exist, Grayer. So here. Yeah, I have full four times two is 84 times minus through his manners age eggs here's minus age exist. Spared. Here is press aids X cube. Good your ex. So this influence, your Grace, with respect to X, this is direct integration. Great pride, This one. So on this one by eggs is that this is a t X minus. This is a JJ ex have toward one. He and divide one is the ticks to sway over to which is good toe eight over to eggs. Great. Minus eight. To press one of our three over to press one is X cube X cubed over three. Here is press eight expressed three off us extra post repress one is extra poor for Jesus. Then we put the burial for eggs, which is good toe one zero. So first good tree and it's the end for a program. So finally, this is sculpture before it pulls to substitute Avery off eggs Here. This is good too. We put one here. We have eight minus This is it. Eight off our Juries before Because when a sphere's one minus any tea over US three minus eight over three. Then press. This is the age for what for is to minus zero this if it puts here he excuse to zero x go to zero x control zero this or various Erica to zero and finery. You get then because this is 10 minus four is six. So get a deer minus eight over threes. Dinner over. See? Which is good too. If you use cargo, that is three points three, three, three The create. This is a dancer for our program"}

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