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Problem 33 Easy Difficulty

Use the result of Example 7 to compute $ \arctan 0.2 $ correct to five decimal places.




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Video Transcript

the problem is, use a result of the example sermon to compute attendant to steer a point to correct too fast decimal places. You exercised someone we have Our attendant axe is they got to some from zero to twenty makes you want to pop off and terms axe to the off, too, and plus Juan over to him. Asked what things? Zero point two to the power of nine. This is the country father onto one, too. Ham's tend to the part ofthe negative someone, so we're half hand. They want to is about zero point. Shoo Hu Wan minus zero point two to the power of three over three. Thus zero point two to the power off half over far minus zero point two to the power of seven off sullen, which is about zero point one nine seven or zero.